Online Program Master in Port and Shipping Management (Online Master's Program)
Master in Port and Shipping Management (Online Master's Program)
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Master in Port and Shipping Management (Online Masters Programme) is an 18 months’ industry attractive post-graduate program conducted through distance learning under the Department of Port and Shipping Management. The program is designed with 16 theoretical courses and a dissertation/thesis. Besides, the student has to perform a seminar in maritime domain in the first semester.
Total credit for the program is 52.

Division of Semester
The duration of each semester is 26 weeks. Distribution is as follows:
a. Classes 15 weeks
b. Mid Term Examinations 02 week
c. Preparatory Leave 02 weeks
d. Term Final Examination/ Assignment 03 weeks
e. Recess 04 weeks

Admission Criteria
a. The applicant must be a citizen of Bangladesh
b. The applicant must be working in the maritime sector
c. Applicants must have a bachelor degree
d. Applicants must obtain at least 2nd class or CGPA 2.50 in all public examinations.
e. Applicants with GCE must have passed at least five subjects in O and at least two subjects in A level. However, applicant having more than two ‘D’ grades in O level and/or more than one ‘D’ grades in A level shall not be eligible for admission.
f. Naval officer (in service/retired) with a bachelor degree can apply

Admission Test
All eligible applicants shall be required to appear the admission viva through online.

Final Selection and Registration
The final selection for admission shall be based on the viva conducted through online and previous educational qualifications. Selected candidates shall be registered with the programme in accordance with the procedures as laid down by

Degree Requirement
a. Passing of all courses with minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.50 (C+) in 4.00-point grading scale at the end of the program.
b. Completion of Dissertation with a minimum grade of 2.50 (C+).

Program Outcome
  • An ability to apply the knowledge of business and science in the field of port and shipping management
  • An ability to formulate maritime problems and develop practical solutions
  • An ability to work effectively in teams and provide leadership
  • An ability to effectively communicate orally, graphically and in writing
  • An understanding of managerial, professional and ethical responsibility

Learning Outcome
  • Plan, organize and control the port, terminal, depot etc.
  • Manage shipping and shipping ancillary business
  • Execute strategic maritime decision
  • Design transportation routes and logistics

First Semester
# Course Code Course Title Credit Contact Hours
1 MPSM 511 Introduction to Port and Shipping 3 42
2 MPSM 512 Management and Organizational Behaviour 2 28
3 MPSM 513 Accounting & Financial Management 2 28
4 MPSM 514 Maritime Safety & Security 2 28
5 MPSM 515 International Law and Maritime Conventions 3 42
6 MPSM 516 Research Methodology 2 28
7 MPSM 517 Maritime English and Business Communication 2 28
8 DEV 500 Maritime Seminar 1 3-4 days
Sub Total 17
Second Semester
# Course Code Course Title Credit Contact Hours
1 MPSM 521 Maritime Human Resource Management 2 28
2 MPSM 522 Supply Chain Management and Marketing 3 42
3 MPSM 523 Fleet Operation and Cargo Management 3 42
4 MPSM 524 Maritime Economics 2 28
5 MPSM 525 Maritime Analytics 3 42
6 MPSM 526 Digitalization in Port and International Trade 3 42
Sub Total 16
Third Semester
# Course Code Course Title Credit Contact Hours
1 MPSM 531 Ship Broking and Chartering 3 42
Any Two of the Following
2 MPSM 532 Port Operation and Multimodal Transportation 3 42
3 MPSM 533 Strategic Maritime Management 3 42
4 MPSM 534 Marine Insurance and Claim 3 42
Sub Total 09
1 MPSM 500 Dissertation/ Thesis 10
Total 52 Credits